5 basic reasons to drive an electric car

Here you read the five basic reasons for Frédéric Jacoby, Country Manager MisterGreen Lease Belgium, to drive an electric car:

Reason 1: environment

Electric cars have a lower impact on the environment and this becomes the most important factor for the human being. In megacities, the air is so polluted that people are no more able to see the sky or even see 10m in front of them. Adults & kids are wearing masks to decrease the pollution effect on their health. We should not accept this situation anymore and do everything we can, using the cleanest technologies to change this in the positive way. Charging an electric car can be done using renewable and clean energy even though it’s not always the case so far. It’s just part of a global energy transition that needs to happen as fast as possible.

Reason 2: save lives

Let's remember that fossil fuel economy lead the humanity to wars, major international conflicts, slavery and natural disasters! The transition to sustainable energy and mobility will save a lot of lives (humans and animals) and provide a higher level of life quality to millions of people.

Reason 3: technology

Electric cars are technologically more advanced and more efficient than Internal Combustion Engine cars. If using petrol would be more efficient than electricity, then your smartphone or computer would be powered by it. Please take a couple of seconds to think about all the devices you are using every day, do you find one still using fossil fuel ? Of course not and your car is the only exception. Let’s take the right decision and move towards the best cars available on the market.

Reason 4: more comfort & safe

When it comes to the car as such, Electric cars are more comfortable, safer, faster, more fun, potentially autonomous, not using oil, have less moving parts meaning less maintenance needed and lower risk to breakdown than any Internal combustion car. There are no vibrations, no noise and no gear box meaning no gear transition ensuring a smooth ride.

Reason 5: lower costs

Based on the above mentioned reasons, people will argue that the cost of an electric car is still prohibitiv. This is of course an important data to enable the switch towards sustainable mobility, the car should be affordable. Be aware that the total cost of ownership is lower for an electric car than for an internal combustion car. It's proven that the cost per km is 2 or 3 times lower on an electric car than on an internal combustion engine car depending on your electricity price and charging habits. Furthermore, people still think that an Electric car is a city car. Based on the lower running cost per Km, the more you drive, the more money you save and this with the highest possible impact on your CO2 and NOX footprint.

Frédéric Jacoby - Country Manager MisterGreen Lease Belgium.